I heard you have a stage that comes down from the side of the trailer. How does that work?

When we pull up to an event the driver will ensure that the Glamour Ride passenger side is facing your house or building. The entrance door to the theater is also on the passenger side. There has to be a eight foot space from the side of the trailer out towards your house. That will allow the stage to drop. There also has to be a six foot long clear area so the stage can drop. If both requirements are met the stage will be dropped.

There is an awning that can be opened in cases of direct sunlight and/or light rain. When the side of the trailer is down it does not expose the inside of the trailer to the elements. There is another wall up that protects the guests inside the trailer. Therefore, if it is really cold and the stage is down that will not effect the climate inside the trailer. The stage is part of every theme and is used towards the end of the event. Depending on your theme, time and number of guests we may use the stage for additional seating and space. There is a TV on the stage wall so guests outside can see what's happening inside the trailer.

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