What happens on the Glamour Ride?

Glamour Ride is a Party at your House, but not in your House. The theater arrives at your venue and is greeted by the excitement of all your guests. One by one each guest gets photographed for their BEFORE picture. Then they board the theater to be greeted by the Glamettes (Party Hosts). The celebration begins as a personalized party for your guest of honor is started.

Depending on the theme various activities will be setup in stations. The guests now known as Divas will be grouped into those 4 stations. Some of the stations include: Glamour, Photo Booth, Karaoke & Dance, Crafts, and iPad Tech Virtual Makeover Station. Every 20 minutes the Divas move around the stations to Experience their Inner Diva. Then at the end of the countdown, 20 minutes before the end of the party, the side of the theater folds down and exposes a huge runway stage. The Divas will emerge from backstage with the help of the Glamettes and perform their Award Winning Show for all parents & friends to see.

At the conclusion of the event, on all TVs we will show a Memory Slideshow & Movie highlighting the fun and memories from the party. All the pictures will be uploaded online for parents to checkout with a secure password to protect access. Each theme triggers different stations, party favors, costumes & accessories. So every party on the Glamour Ride is different. What kind of party do you want?

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