How it Works

Glamour Ride brings the party to you! It's a Glamorous Experience brought right to your doorstep.

Makeup and Hair station on the Glamour Ride Mobile Party Theater
A Glamour Ride party guests gets a makeover at the Makeup and Hair station

Glamour Ride is a Mobile Party Theater which offers a variety of 2 hour glamorous party packages!

The Glamour Ride parks right in front of your house, at a park, school, office or anywhere people want to have fun! Once the theater pulls up, guests will be brought in to the theater for

The Glamour Ride is equipped to entertain up to 24 guests at one time. Because all of the glamour activities are done on-board, no matter what the weather is like, guests will still get the full diva treatment!

There is plenty of room inside for people to sit, stand, walk around, and dance!


The entire party is hosted by experienced Glamettes who love to help bring out your inner diva!

They create the excitement, bring everyone together and keep the party going! They also take all of the candid photos and video during the event and at the end of the party produce a 5-minute slideshow featuring photos and videos for all guests to watch. Then they upload the photos online and give all the guests a photo card with a special password to access the pictures. The party continues with never ending memories!


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Book a Glamour Party online now or call 1-855-363-4827.

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